(Intermezzo) 121008 Yixing’s Birthday Message

My dear fans~ By the time you guys will see this message~ It should be about the same time as my birthday is ending ^_^

Firstly, thank you for this special birthday celebration, for making me feel so blessed, this was really unforgettable, everybody really worked hard.

Everything you guys quietly put out for me, I know about it all, I’m really thankful. What I am able to do for you guys is too inadequate, too lacking, or rather I have absolutely nothing. However, I don’t know what I did to deserve this much love, I will do my best to keep all my promises, no matter what I will always smile for you, because you love the way I look when I smile.Seeing the LED boards you guys made for me, the birthday surprises and wishes, the charitable activities, and the big light boards you held up for me, even if your hands hurt and your shoulders are sore, to see me you moved mountains, coming together from all over, and sometimes you don’t even get to see my face.

I’m fighting back tears, smiling facing you, but I really feel so apologetic, but there is really no other way.

It is only when you guys shout my name that I can respond with a smile, only when I am bowing and saying my thanks I can hold that position for a few seconds longer.What I can do for you might just be to keep standing on the stage, performing for you, smiling happily while facing you, reading through the letters you’ve written for me one by one.  Everybody has a heart, very concerned about my health, making me feel really warm. Also, I noticed that everybody’s writing is really excellent, so let’s consider this the letter I’m writing back to the people who love me~

On this day of my birthday I especially want to thank my mama, because on this day she worked really hard to bring me into this world, and moreover, she took care of me for so long, thank you mama!

On this day of my birthday I would really like to thank my Xing-fans, because you all allowed an ordinary boy’s dream become a reality, giving him a lot of support, because you allowed this ordinary me, the not particularly outstanding me, become extraordinary.  No matter how many months, how many years, perhaps even a lifetime or an eternity, my thankful heart will never change.

It is only because I have your love that I could have such an different birthday, that I could have such a wonderful birthday, it’s all of you who gave me such a different life, thank you all, I love you!

Returning to what I said earlier, that I’m willing to give you my everything, that as I continue, you guys are my strongest source of motivation.


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