(Fanfic) When December Ends

         She forgot how it was ended. Everything seemed to be so wretched now: her heart, her life, her love. So cold, the rain poured heavily outside.  She took a glimpse through her hazel eyes, trying to find her half soul.

         Where was he?

         The one who kissed her deeply last night, holding her hands as if he would never let it go. The one who gave a tight warm hug whenever she cried. And the one who had lied to her umpteenth times, saying all lovely things while growing a vast severe pain in her heart.

         Why? If they could love each other, why would they fight like this?

         Soojung sat on a long sofa, sipped her hot chocolate that now tasted quite bitter on her tongue. Some bruises scratched her skin; those were evidences of what had happened in her apartment last night. Jongin should be the one who was responsible for this all, but now he was gone.

          Yeah, gone. Sometimes, Soojung hoped that Jongin would never be appeared again. But sometimes, she would still crave for his existence. She had loved him for three years, and it was not a short time for such a relationship. They had quarrels, they fought against each other, they kissed, and it was normal. They were still young though. Soojung was 23 and Jongin was 24.

         But things didn’t go well lately.

         Jongin became harsher than usual. He would not think twice to slap Soojung right on her cheek and threw ruthless words that would break Soojung’s heart apart. Just like last night, when he suddenly came and pushed Soojung to the wall. He kissed Soojung, held her hands, and after some short conversations about Jiyeon, Jongin slapped her.

        Well, everything about Jiyeon was such a sensitive topic for them.

        Soojung already knew how that girl had attracted Jongin back then, and she couldn’t restrain herself from asking why? Why should that girl come to New Orleans? Why did everything about that girl make Jongin mad?

        Rain was still pouring outside. A piece of Mandy Moore’s Only Hope in that room suddenly sounded sarcastic to Soojung. Oh well, now tears even came out from her eyes. Everything was so perfect today. She hoped that the rain could wash away her pain, but it was just a wish. She couldn’t even feel her heart anymore. It was frozen. It was as hard as a stone now. And she thought to make it even more unbreakable from now on.

        So, that’s how it was. She rose from her gloomy side, took her cellphone, and typed a message to Jongin. A message that would release her from any misery.

“Hi, it’s already the end of December. The gate is opening tomorrow, so let’s just have a new better life from now on. Yeah, a better life. Separately”.


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