I’m Running Out of Idea!!!


Hi guys, I’m back!!

Finally, after a long unplanned hiatus from this blog, I am able to go back again. Anybody miss me? Hello? No? Okay -_-

Unfortunately, I don’t come here with any short stories since I spent my last precious five months to write my GP. Yes, GP!!! That GP required for graduation. It was a very hard time. I had to focus on my research, writing a formal paper which was not fun at all. I miss writing short stories again. I miss creating gloomy atmosphere. The weather is perfect though. Cloudy. Rainy. But the thing is, I’m running out of idea!!

Yeah, that’s the problem. I’ve been addicted to gore and action films lately. I enjoyed watching them, yet I found it less productive than writing. I tried to find any idea from them, but it was useless. Can’t really tell what had happened to my brain. Seems like the cells had been shrinking -_-

Oh, by the way, here is my planning for this year. I want to publish a literary work of mine, be it an anthology of stories or a novel. I have finished writing a novel actually, but I think it is not worth it enough to publish. Therefore, I’m going to write another novel with different theme and leave the previous one. Hahaha. What theme do you guys think will be acceptable in the market? Romance? Friendship? Honestly, I’m sick of cheesy romantic stuffs. I prefer some kinds of action, fantasy, or sci-fi, but I guess it is not quite acceptable in Indonesian market. You can see that most of those book genres displayed in Indonesian bookstore were translated works. Well, it is not that I write things for money. No! I’m not! I’m not a kind of author who craves for fame and money. The only thing  I want is a self-satisfaction. Having a book with your name in a bookstore is amazing right?><

However, just like now, I want to keep my identity a secret. Yes, very secret. I will use a pen name and not even once reveal my real ID. Hahahah. It’s not that I want to play a hide-and-seek or to act mysterious. I’m just…mmm…unconfident? Unsure? I’m afraid that people think my works are childish and not quality.  Pfffttt, what a girl -_-


2 thoughts on “I’m Running Out of Idea!!!”

    1. Yeah. Is it what so called as writer block? Wonder when I’ll be able to overcome it. Even when I sat for hours in front of my lappie, nothing came out. So suck -_-.
      Hahaha, thanks a lot 🙂

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