Dear Me, …


Dear Me,

How are you today? Are you good?

I know life is getting tougher and tougher as you get older, but you have to be strong. You are not a weak person and even in the past, you have always been this stubborn with what you want. Yeah, do you still remember how you frequently got into a quarrel with your Mom just because she didn’t support your wish to study at your dream university? Yeah, it was a tough moment of teenage life, right? And with all those difficulties, you still managed to achieve your dream and accomplished it successfully. Do you know why?

Because you always do your best and believe in your skill. You may look shy and soft, but you are always the most hardworking among your friends. You have those optimistic, enthusiastic, and bold sides of you. You are not incapable. Giving up is not your style.

So now, listen to me…

After all these efforts, it’s your time to shine once more. You’ve got all of those things to back you up, so what you need to do is work hard once more to ace this LAST STEP. Yeah, ACE IT!! ACE YOUR DREAM!! Be confident and show off your accomplishment. Don’t let hopelessness and confidence crisis knock your long awaited dream out. Remember the last time you put all your time and effort for that one piece of paper? You beat your weakness right?

So here once again you are, given the same big opportunity to ace your goal. Don’t be afraid and keep moving forward. Don’t be lazy and GET UP! You have sacrificed so much, so don’t let it go in vain. I KNOW YOU CAN!! YES, YOU CAN!! GET UP AND ACE IT!!!


Thanks for everything

Btw, don’t forget to pray day and night. It’s the key ❤


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