Life is Pretty Colorful Here


This city is lovely. It’s full of classic buildings that give Victorian era vibes, people of all races, sound of various languages, and of course, sophisticated public facilities. The cold wind blows strongly every day which makes me lazy to go out of my big-but-shabby flat. This is bad! There are a lot to explore , yet I keep cuddling under the duvet while enjoying some chocolates. Moreover, my lovely slender(?) legs hurt so much for climbing hills almost every morning. lol

Anywaaaayy, I went to Princes Street a few days ago and realized that it is really a sinful place for people on budget like me. From not-so-branded to luxurious items, from high street to high end, from Primark to Topshop, I found everything there. And damn, the price sounds pretty reasonable here >< I had to hold back the urge to grab everything and put them in my basket. Whenever luxurious things sparkled in front of my eyes while waving its discount tag, I had to tell myself “You don’t need it, girl! You already have one at home. Look! The price is not as cheap as it seems once you convert it to Rupiah. better save up your money!”. Oh, I wanna cry TT_TT

Behind my flat is the famous Athur’s Seat (actually, I didn’t know if it was famous until my friend told me so) and I can see it from the window. I wanna climb it one day to see how the entire city looks like, but I heard that the way back is a bit dangerous. It’s extremely steep that everyone literally slides off from the top to the bottom. I can’t imagine it lol. The senior I’m living with said that I had to at least getting used to the walking culture here before climbing it. Haha, not a big deal lah since I currently have no mood to travel around the city. There are three reasons that turn off my mood:

1) I gained weight a lot lately, so I don’t look good on pictures. My cheeks look a lot chubbier than usual, so I don’t like it (fyi, I’m struggling to diet).

2) I have a friend who really really loves taking photos–an instagramer, a hijaber– and she always asks me to take  photos whenever we hang out. Like every inch we moved, I had to take some photos of her. She would pose p(r)ettily and even told me to cross the street just to take her photos like whaatt?? Are you drunk?? I really don’t get the logic! To be honest, I hate people who are obsessed with showing off their beauty on social media. She seriously pissed me off!! Dammit!!-_-” (note: I’m not jealous. I just find her act annoying and useless. She ruined my mood!! I don’t want to travel with her anymore).

3)Lastly, this might sound funny, but I don’t have camera. I mean, I don’t have a decent camera to capture the amazing view here except my smartphone camera. I won’t travel around until I buy it!

Ah, regardless everything, I am really really really thankful to God for giving me the chance to spend a small span of my life here. I’m really really grateful that all of my hard work is getting paid off. Last night, when I was walking with my friends (and we somehow almost got lost), I saw everything around me and wondered why it felt like a dream.

Guess this is what so called as Dream Comes True.

Alhamdulillah :’))

(When concluding this post, I realised that my finishing doesn’t match the title. LOL. Just ignore it!)


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